Dreamward Environment Art

I am happy to share some environment works I've done for our UE4 game project Dreamward at ETC CMU.

I was in charge of the look dev and 3D environment for the game, including assets and material creation, set dressing, some of the VFX, lighting, and post-processing. I have other two artstation posts to show some of the assets and materials I made.

The production time is 2 months, from block out to iteration, and then to final delivery. As the only 3D environment artist, I collaborated with the level designer and technical artist to complete the scenes.

The most challenging part is to design the environment to fit into this game's unique mechanic, which is shifting perspective; without any concept art, I referred to lots of real photographs and ancient paintings from Tibet to make sure that the environment can reflect a good amount of the story and cultural background.

The 3D character Jincheng is done by Yuzhu Zhou and the 2D mural paintings are made by Kayi Ng. It was a great time working with both of the talented artists!

Lastly, please take a moment and try our game at: https://unveil2022.itch.io/dreamward

I hope you will enjoy it!